Recycled plastic Compost Bins

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Plaswood Compost Bins offer a convenient way to transform your garden and kitchen waste into a valuable and nutrient-rich food for your garden. Like all of Plaswood products, our composters will never rot, splinter or deteriorate with time, they are maintenance free and waterproof, offering a simple and efficient way to produce compost from organic waste.

Our compost bins are made from repurposed recycled plastic waste – diverting it form landfill and the environment.

We are currently offering two designs:

  1. Heavy duty compost bin
    This solid wall compost bins are meant to handle a variety of material, from kitchen scraps to yard waste. They're called "continuous" because you can add material all the time. Closed walls help maintain heat and regulate moisture for quicker composting. The open bottom lets worms, moisture, and microorganisms freely enter the bin to work their composting magic on your food scraps, yard waste, and other organic mass.
  2. Easy Assembly compost bin
    This cost effective solution offers ‘bolt free assembly’, the interlocking slat design will allow flexibility with easy to dismantle components – it can be moved if you would like to change the location of you compost bin. Slatted sides provide optimal ventilation and also let the rain in to help speed the composting process.Simply layer green materials and allow it to compost. The bins’ open design makes it easy to turn the pile every two to three weeks with a shovel or pitchfork to aerate the product and speed up the breakdown process. If you wish to cover your bin – cover slats are available.