Sustainable Recycled Products Made By Plaswood
What we do
Plaswood offers a high quality, innovative and durable range of recycled and recyclable* plastic products that are maintenance free and cost effective.
Maintenance Free Recycled Products
We continue to invest in innovation and our people so that we can deliver competitive products and fuel sustainable growth.
Sustainable Recycled Products
Our recycling and remanufacturing processes are transforming waste into new supplies and solutions making the planet cleaner for future generations.
Plaswood products high quality recycled material
Independent experts test Plaswood products and the raw materials used in the re-manufacturing process, because we know that quality is fundamental to our customers.
Weather Proof Recycled Plastic Products
Unlike traditional materials, Plaswood is impervious to all weather, it does not rot or splinter, is moisture repellent, and maintenance free.
Recycled Plastic Products Create By Plaswood
The Circular Economy
By recycling and re-manufacturing plastics that would otherwise be landfilled, our process engineers and designers continue to contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.
Plaswood decking solutions
Features & Benefits of Plaswood Products
Features & Benefits

The sustainable alternative to traditional materials

The Plaswood remanufacturing process diverts valuable plastic waste from landfill giving used plastic another life.

Made from everlasting materials


Plaswood Products Are Weather Proof

Weather Proof

Sustainable Products


Made From 100% Recycled Material


Plaswood Products Are Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free

Features and Benefits by Plaswood products
Plaswood edge bench grey
Maintanance free plastic decking by Plaswood
Weatherproof plastic decking by Plaswood
Recycled plastic Bollards
Sustainable Products