Plaswood New Contemporary Seating Designs

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The new, 100 per cent recycled Plaswood Edge bench introduces a maintenance free and sophisticated product range which combines versatility with outstanding long life properties, stylish designs, together with sweeping contemporary lines, for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Mike Baxter, External Affairs Director at RPC bpi recycled products, which produces the Edge, says flexibility is the key to success: “Plaswood has always appealed to customers looking for value for money over the lifetime of the product; it doesn’t rot or degrade, and neither does it need painting annually, so it really is a case of fit and forget. In this way, it has a clear edge over wooden structures – especially in wet or outdoor environments.

“The new designs are refined, simple to install and are also ideal for indoor or outdoor use, especially when sited in damp or humid locations such as for swimming pools, locker rooms and gym changing facilities.”

All Plaswood products are manufactured in the UK from 100 per cent recycled plastic; they are also fully recyclable. The new Edge bench uses components assembled from one size profile, resulting in an elegant but solid structure, which can either be placed as an individual piece, or positioned together in a variety of shapes.

Mike Baxter added: “We use tough, technically superior waste plastics which offer exceptional performance properties. They are more resistant to vandalism than
wood, impervious to the influence of water, damp and heat, and will not rot, splinter or crack.

“Once installed, customers don’t have to worry about degradation, painting, or preserving the material. Many of our local authority and public sector customers are facing severe cuts, so they are not just looking for long term value, but also for demonstrable opportunities to make cost savings. Because Plaswood has a life expectancy of at least 50 years, and doesn’t need any annual maintenance, local authorities can make long term savings in both labour costs and materials when switching from wood to our Plaswood recycled plastic timber.”

The Edge comes in black, brown or mixed colours, and is available as a flat-pack kit or fully assembled.

The Plaswood range also includes recycled plastic lumber that can be fabricated into boardwalks, fencing, gates, jetties and other outdoor construction projects, including bollards, street name plates, way marker signage, plus other street and garden furniture such as planters, litter bins, picnic tables and benches.



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